If you have a dream, a goal or even a blurry vision for your alternate future, then to you, dear sir/madam, we suggest to get up & get going. As per studies, it takes 10 years on an average for people to turn their Business plans into a real Business. The road to success is tough & needs unconditional hard work & persistence, but there’s a good news for less experienced folks out there. The Mentors at Thinkatronics will be providing a roadmap, proven strategies along with organizational reformation to you in order to get your dreamboat sailing in the vast ocean of Business

Thinkatronics has among its mentors, a great crop of business leaders who bring vast & diverse corporate experience in the mix while nurturing a local start up into a potential MNC of tomorrow!

They provide end to end support ranging from legal advice, financial guidelines, tax advice, operational systemization, product development & organizational re structuring among others. We even help with the office space & help overcome other initial hurdles faced by start ups, especially if you’re a tech start up!